Did You Wreck Your Classic Car? No Problem!

Bring your vehicle to the classic car repair experts at Santa Barbara Auto Refinishing

To us, there’s nothing better than seeing your old classic rust bucket transformed into a carefully restored masterpiece. Likewise, there’s nothing worse than seeing your vehicle turned into a pile of twisted metal because of an auto accident.

Whether you were in a minor fender bender or someone smashed into your bumper, you’ll find comprehensive services you can trust at Santa Barbara Auto Refinishing in California.

Our classic auto body repair mechanics have more than three decades of experience bringing vintage vehicles back to life with exceptional services. We can complete a variety of repair services on classic automobiles, including:

• Auto frame alignment
• Custom auto repairs
• Auto rust repairs
• Auto fiberglass repairs
• General auto body repairs
• Auto painting
• Custom automotive fabrication

Repairing a classic car requires extensive knowledge and training that isn’t found at a typical auto body repair shop. With multiple award-winning vehicles currently being showcased in Las Vegas, NV, we’re the experts you need working on your vintage automobile.

Bring your car to Santa Barbara Auto Refinishing in California for classic car repairs you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Call 805-966-6220 to work with mechanics who focus on exceptional services and great customer care.